Anime for soprano saxophone and piano.

Anime' for Soprano Saxophone and Piano

This latest release from saxophonist Andrew Dahlke and Anne Breeden consists of beautiful, accessible music for soprano saxophone and piano and is available in our store:

Animé – full of life, energy, and beauty – seems an apt title for showcasing the soprano saxophone and the music presented here. Three of the works (Ravel, Poulenc, and Villa-Lobos) employ the term as the character of a movement.

Rogers’s title Lessons of the Sky comes from the essay The Star Thrower by Loren Eiseley. Here the sky represents that which is open, alive, and infinite.  

J. S. Bach’s Sixth Flute Sonata is a stunning example of clarity of expression and timeless beauty. The resultant simplicity is seemingly spun from the heavens above.

Ravel’s Sonatine, composed for solo piano, promotes elements of tenderness, care, and delicacy in a way which only music can communicate.  

Poulenc’s Sonata covers an extreme emotional range, beginning with the Élégie to Prokofieff, the sprightly yet sublimely beautiful Scherzo, and the placid final movement – Déploration.

The rhythmic freedom, space, and melodicism of Villa-Lobos’s Fantasia creates an “other-worldly” listening experience of excitement, mystery, and triumph!

J.S. Bach's Six Solo Cello Suites for Saxophone Volumes I and II

J. S. Bach's six famous solo cello suites played on soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones by Andrew Dahlke. This two volume CD on Dahlmus Recordings is now available in the store at   

Andrew Dahlke’s recording of J. S. Bach’s famous six solo cello suites on saxophones is one of a very few in the world that includes all six suites, and the only one to his knowledge that records them on different saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone).

Andrew spent a number of years studying the suites and performing them prior to recording.  Andrew’s initial model for the suites was the recording by the Russian cellist, Mstislav Rostropovich. Andrew began by transcribing the recorded performances of Rostropovich in detail as a basis for his own interpretation.

The chance “discovery” of the suites by Pablo Casals, and the numerous and varied performances of the suites over time has elevated these magnificent works to an almost “cult-like” status and following.  The suites now stand as a pillar for a performer’s endurance and unique artistry.

Capitol Quartet Balance

Capitol Quartet, Balance

This new release showcases commissioned works by Carter Pann, John Anthony Lennon and Stacy Garrop and the significant work for saxophone quartet by Alfred Desenclos. Andrew Dahlke plays baritone saxophone on this recording. Available via Blue Griffin Recordings at:

The Capitol Quartet, Flex: Five Works for Four Saxophones

All American pieces commissioned by the quartet on the White Pine Music label. Andrew Dahlke on baritone saxophone. Works by Ashe, Rogers, Wanamaker, Weiser, and Goldstein. Available at CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.

New Bach Rock

Andrew Dahlke is the producer of the recording, New Bach Rock, which infuses classical music with rock. For more information go to: